Immersive Theatre

In cities like London and New York we’ve seen an enormous rise in popularity of ‘immersive theatre’. Only recently this also seems to penetrate the soil of Amsterdam. The phenomenon of ‘immersive theatre’ is still very much unknown in our capital and there hasn’t been found a fulfilling Dutch translation for it yet. However, in recent years we are seeing others trying to hit the market and we are hopeful that soon ‘immersive theatre’ will be as mature in Amsterdam as it is in London.

The Amsterdam Catacombs is a full Immersive Theatre experience where our actors lure you into the undergrounds of this horrifying place. They love to take your breath away, but try to make sure not all of it.

We are enthusiasts when it comes to immersive theatre and we are currently working on some cool new projects which we will bring to you in a near future.

Always wonder and always stay immersed!